KAC에서 아나뱁티스트 관련 도서를 나눕니다.

KAC에서는 KAC 도서관에 비치되어 있는 책들 중에서 중복된 영문 도서들에 한해서만 원하시는 분들께 무료로 나눠드리고 있습니다.

혹시라도 책값에 관계없이 후원하시겠다고 한다면 환영합니다

필요하신 분들은 KAC를 방문하시거나 연락주시면 착불로 보내드리겠습니다.  이미 출고된 책은 취소선으로 표시했습니다
도서 목록은 아래와 같습니다. 감사합니다

Title Author Qty.
The Community of the Spirit C. Norman Kraus 1
Anabaptism and Ascetism Kenneth Ronald Davis 1
Christian Theology Thomas N. Finger 1
Becoming Anabaptist J. Denny Weaver 1
Journeys of the Muslim Nation and the Christian Church David W. Shenk 1
God Dwells with His People Paul M. Zehr 1
The Peacemaker Myron S. Augsburger 1
The Belivers’ Church Donald F. Durnbaugh 1
The Anabaptists and Thomas Muntzer Stayer, Packull 1
The Challenge of Christian Stewardship Milo Kaufman 1
Bethany Bible Institute Catalogue 2001-2002
The Peace Seeker Tiessen, Schellenberg, Stoutenburg 1
Identity and Faith Maurice Martin 1
Caring Enough to Confront David Augsburger 1
Finding Faith and Fellowship Yost 1
Witnessing to Christ in Today’s World MWC 1
Worship as Celebration of Covenant and Incarnation Beachy 1
Renewing Family Life Schmitt 2
Discipling the Brother Jeschke 1
Stewards of God Kauffman 1
Christian Mission and Social Justice Escobar, Driver 1
With Jesus in the World Stutzman 1
With Justice for All Perkins 1
Christian Peacemaking and International Conflict Friesen 1
The Politics of Jesus John Howard Yoder 1
No King But Ceasar? Durland 1
A Declaration on Peace Gwyn, Hunsinger, Roop, Yoder 1
Surviving Church Conflict Peters 1
A Door of Hope Henderson 1
Leading the Family of God Paul M. Miller 1
Yahweh is a Warrier Lind 1
When a Congregation Cares Schmitt 1
Peer Counselling in the Church Paul M. Miller 2
By Birth or By Choice Stahl 1
Still in the Image Waldemar Janzen 1
Little Fighters on the Street 1
Journal: Vision Beginning of life (4:1) 1
Journal: Vision Scripture (6:1) 1
Journal: Vision Worship (6:2) 1
Journal: Vision Prayer (7:2) 1
Journal: Vision Suffering (8:2) 3
Journal: Vision Sexuality (9:2) 1
Journal: Vision Salvation (7:1) 1
Journal: Vision Reconciling (8:1) 2
In the Name of Christ John D. Unruh 1
Kingdom Citizens Driver 1
Crowned with Glory and Honor Christopher M. Marshall 1
Biblical Pacifism Dale W. Brown 1
Divorce and the Faithful Church G. Edwin Bontrager 1
Yesterday and Today Donald F. Durnbaugh 1
World of Witness 2002-2003 2
World of Witness 2004-2005 2
World of Witness 2006-2007 1
Environmental Planner 2010 Kinaiyahan Foundation 1
2005 Hutterite Directory 3
2008 Hutterite Directory 3
God’s Call to Mission Shenk 1
Training Ministry Teams Stuckey 1
God’s People Now! Robert J. Suderman 1
Nuclear Holocaust Sider, Taylor 1
Exploring Church Growth Wilbert R. Shenk 1
Images of the Church in Mission John Driver 1
And Who is My Neighbor? Schlabach 1
A Christian View of Money Vincent 1
By Faith They Went Out: Mennonite Missions 1850-1999 Wilbert R. Shenk 1
Presence and Power Bauman 1
The Christian Entrepreneur Carl Kreider 1

A Quiet and Peaceable Life                                Ruth                                                                      2

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